About Online Gift Store Gurgaon, India

The idea of is receiving gifts is always a exciting, to make it more so, let the gifts be delivered on your doorstep. A gift for your friends and family, a gift for yourself. Shop and share the joy.

GurgaonGifts.com is an initiative taken by Arooti Antiques Pvt. Ltd.

The thought behind this project was to globalize small-scale industries & individual vendors, to create a platform where anyone can buy/sell their products throughout the globe.

Arooti Antiques Pvt. Ltd. Has been in the manufacturing & distributing business for years now, thus we know what positive changes technology is bringing in the market.

Our aim is to share those benefits with all those vendors and customers.

At GurgaonGifts.com, not only we want the highest customer satisfaction, but also to create a beneficial marketplace for sellers. Therefore we only charge them 3.55%, which is the lowest for any e-commerce website.